10 mistakes I made in 2018

Ooops I did it again. This Britney son is on my mind right now. 8 is my lucky number, but 2018 wasn’t my best year. I have a lot of good and bad memories from this year, but most of the time things didn’t really go as I planned. Mistakes are really good learning opportunities, so in this post I want to share with you my biggest aha moments.

  1. Don’t spend too much time on social media! At the beginning of this year I put all my energy into my Instagram and I totally burnt out. Don’t share photos every day, 3 times a week is enough. Remember, you have to create stories too. If you have a full-time job, good luck to do it without going crazy!
  2. Chose the right brand for your business. Do you remember for my pinkish images? That wasn’t really me and I felt bad posting those photos because I am a MAN. But thanks God I changed my colour palette and I feel more confident about what I do.
  3. Overediting your photos. I do this all the time. Photoshop is a great tool to create stunning images, but we need to find the balance and step back and take a break from editing when your photos look like a snapshot from Star Wars. This applies to editing photos on your phone too!
  4.  Overthinking. Just stop it!
  5. Take more action! Have a plan that will guide you towards your goals and try to complete as much as you can from your to-do list. Try to find the motivation that can give you strength every day.
  6. Give more time to yourself! Be more patient. This is a 21st-century problem. We want everything right now.
  7. Don’t care what others think about you! This can really hold you back and you will never achieve your dreams. Most of the time people think only about themselves. So start worrying and start living your life!
  8. Never underestimate yourself! Find what you are good at, find your special power and use it! Since I use my talent, I am a lot happier and stronger person.
  9. Enjoy the moment, find the work-life balance. Try to find ways to switch of your brain and forget your phone for a few minutes. Go for a nice walk, dance, listen to music, sign up for a yoga class. Whatever feels good for you. This is not a waste of time, these activities will help you to become more productive.
  10.  Show yourself to the world! Nobody will realise how talented you are if you don’t find ways to showcase it naturally. The internet makes it very easy to do it. I’m sure you have a favourite platform. Start your Instagram, blog, Facebook page… and start posting your thoughts daily.

  1. Loved your ideas! Especially the one about limiting social media . 3 times a week sounds doable. Did you find which days work best for you?

    Incidentally, I loved the pink! Did you know that pink used to be a man’s color before it’s current popular association with women? Google it. Fascinating stuff.

    Keep doing your thing!

    Much love from NYC ♥️

    1. That’s cool! I didn’t know that! The history has many crazy stuff.
      Now pink is the colour of openness and it grabs attention easily, so it works well in social media. But it’s still very feminine and I didn’t feel comfortable sharing those photos. My new colour palette is more closer to my personality.

      For me 3 times a week works very well, I don’t waste my time and energy too much like before and I have more time to create better images. I share on Monday, Wednesday and on Friday. These are the best days, weekends are more quiet on this platform because people want to spend less time in the online world and more time with real people or in the nature.

      Thank you for commenting. My website still very young so I’m happy if people come here, look around and say something nice or interesting. 😄

      Have a beautiful day!

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