Portrait Photos

Rosmary in the British Museum

First, I don’t have a studio yet, but it doesn’t really matter, because I know the best indoor places in London, where I can take some really unique portrait photos. 

Second, you say you are not a model, and you always look horrible on the photos. Well, Rosmary is very far from being a model, but I made her look like one. And the result is, natural looking, powerful, clean and stylish photos with an ancient, historic touch. 


What a fun day! Petra came to visit us from Hungary and she got richer with these pretty portrait photos while she discovered the most popular places in London. You can’t see all, but I have a lot more because we took photos all around the city centre. I’m a certificated tour guide, so I can easily combine the sightseeing tour and a photo shoot session.  She was really happy with the photos and now she is on the way to become a photographer such as I am.


Never take photos on a windy roof top! Or do it, if you want to create something unique. Susan is a therapist and I made these photos to her Instagram page. She was very happy with my work, so we ended up creating a video series too. 

Etus 50s glamour

My favourite photo shoot session so far! It’s your photo shoot session, so you get full freedom to choose the clothes and the hair style you love. This is why I was really scared, when I first saw Etus on the station in these strange clothes, and with this big hair, but she knew what she does, because she looks fabulous in the photos. She wanted 50s glamour, and I think she got it!

Yoga in the park

I love helping small businesses such as mine, and that’s why I said yes, when Aniko and Susan asked me to create a video and take some photos while they practice yoga in the park. And probably, because the only sport I like is this! Namaste!


She was born to be a model! Mariana is the most beautiful and kindest girl I have ever worked with. I chose the location, she chose her outfit. Everything went really smooth. We enjoyed every moment of this photo shoot and I hope one day I can work with her again!


Ibolya is my best friend and we did this photoshoot just for fun and because we both love golden hours!


Aniko is my yoga teacher. She has a natural beauty and a beautiful soul that shines through every photo.

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