How to prepare for an outdoor photo shoot

Here are the photos from my latest photo shoot session that I did with Mimi on the Elizabeth Road in Belgravia. It was her first photo shoot but she was an amazing model.

Standing in front of a camera is not easy, especially if you do it on a busy street. It’s very important to prepare for an outdoor photo shoot session, not only with choosing the best outfit but also mentally, so here is my advice for you.

It’s your time to shine, so make sure you come in a good mood. Forget about your problems, and enjoy every minute in front of the camera. You pay not only for the beautiful photos but also for the experience so bring your best self.

Be there on time. Check the location and how you can get there and how long your journey will take. Don’t make the photographer wait, most of them have an hourly rate and they can charge you for the extra waiting time.

Choose the right outfit. It’s up to you how you want to look in the photos, but make sure you feel confident in the clothes you wear during the photo shoot. Try to wear clothes with solid colours and simple lines that give a nice shape to the body. Choose dark trousers and shoes with higher hills. You can bring more than one clothes, but it can be challenging to get changed on the street.

Sometimes the biggest problem is the weather. If it’s rainy or too cold, you will have to find an other day for the photo shoot. Wind is the second biggest problem especially if the model has a long hair or skirt. If you like artistic or abstract photos, the windy weather is the best to get them.

You don’t need to look perfect, or be a super model. It’s the photographer’s job to make you look good in the photos. Follow the instructions and don’t forget to smile. We can do magic in Photoshop, so the final images will be mind blowing. It’s a guarantee from all the photographers.

If you like my portrait photos, and you would love to be my model, simply send me a message to my email address or contact me trough my Instagram or Facebook page. Also you can text me to 07951949303.

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