Photoshoot with Rita

I am super excited to show you the photos from my first photoshoot session of the year. I haven’t done any portrait shooting since last autumn because of the virus and I’ve just realized how much I missed taking photos of smiling people. Rita is a Hungarian video blogger and she is passionate about beauty products, fashion and healthy food. You can find her Youtube channel if you search for Rita Loaf in London.

We did the shooting in Chelsea. In this short video, you will see all the locations and how my model was having fun while I try to capture her best moments.

I also offered to Rita my graphic design services because I realized that she hasn’t got a logo yet. She loves rose gold and black also she is very funny and always ready for new adventures. I also created a digital portrait for her using one of her Instagram pictures as a reference. She was very happy with everything at the end. So am I.

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