Sharing My World Through Photos Again

Hey there, it’s time for a little update from me! I wanted to share two exciting things that happened in April: my return to Instagram after taking a break, and my amazing trip to Venice and Burano. Keep reading to hear all about it!

First, let me explain why I stopped posting on Instagram in the first place. Last year was a challenging time for me as a photographer. I was experiencing burnout, lacked inspiration, and felt like I was constantly fighting against the algorithm. On top of that, the impact of COVID made things even more difficult. It felt like the world was changing rapidly, and I wasn’t sure where photography fit into all of it.

But something changed when I visited Venice and Burano. The beauty of these cities and the colourful houses of Burano reignited my passion for photography. It reminded me why I fell in love with taking photos in the first place. Photography isn’t just about trends or algorithms, it’s about capturing and sharing the beauty of the world through my own unique perspective.

After my trip, I felt a renewed creative energy that has me excited to start sharing my photos again on Instagram. I’ve put a bit of a pause on making illustrations for now, but I’m sure that my experiences in Venice and Burano will bring new inspiration to my artwork as well.

Venice was breathtakingly beautiful, but the cherry on top was definitely Burano. The colourful houses were like nothing I’ve ever seen before. Walking through the streets and taking in all of the colours was a truly magical experience. It’s something that I’ll never forget, and I feel grateful to have had the opportunity to capture it through my lens.

I want to leave you all with some of the photos that I took during my trip. I hope they bring a bit of joy and inspiration to your day, just as they have for me.

Thank you for reading, and stay tuned for more adventures and photos to come!

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