Collab with Adam Roberts

I’ve been doing Instagram for 2 years, but I felt like I’m just wasting my time there until someone asked me to work together on a creative project and this opened up some exciting opportunities for me. Still I can’t believe it.

Adam Roberts / @hiadamroberts on Instagram / is a British graphic designer currently living in China and teaching English for children for a living.

So he asked me to work together and I sent him some of my best photos and he edited them in his own style. I was blown away from the final images and after sharing the before and after photos on our Instagram page, miracles happened.

We recieved a lot of positive feedback saying how great those images are, we got featured on Adobe Creative Cloud’s Instagram page and many new followers joined our social media channel.

Seeing this, now we are planning more creative collaborations, and one of my new collaborators is Matt Crump, who has been my biggest inspiration since I started my photography career! Awesome!

I can only encourage everyone to do the same! Don’t waste your time on Instagram, find there those who see the world as you do an create something together!

Here are the before and after photos. Which one is your favourite?

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