Work hard and be proud

Probably the best thing that happened to me during the lockdown. I was extremely happy when I got an email from the Origin Magazine in May. They asked me to give them an interview and send over a few photos that they can publish in the summer issue.

The Origin Magazine is full of great artworks plus it’s filled with tasty plant-based recipes, lifestyle content and design inspiration.

I was honoured to be featured along with other super talented creators and makers who shared their best tips and lessons they learnt at the beginning of their career.

Reading this magazine was very uplifting and just by watching my 4-page feature makes me feel better in these uncertain times.

Also, I recently teamed up with The London Magazine, the largest circulation property magazine in the city which showcases luxury interiors, inspiring lifestyle and enviable homes and I provide them bold and stylish cover photos every month.

The August issue of The London Magazine with my photo on the cover:

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