Hello Summer!

Hi there! I hope you had a great start of the new season and I wish you the best Summer you’ve ever had in your life!

Here in the UK the temperatures usually stay around 20ยฐC (68ยฐF) which is not that hot. Plus this year have been very windy. The only place you can experience the real tropical vibes in London is the Royal Botanic Gardens in Kew, which has the world’s biggest glass houses filled with rare plant species. I went there last time to take these beautiful photos and I also created a few illustrations inspired by this magical place and Summer.

My computer is full of raw photos from the past and one weekend I decided to edit a few for my Pinterest page. Which one is your favourite?

I also experimented with typography and I needed a bit of self love and motivation so I chose a few nice quotes to create these colourful designs.

That’s it for June. The next project I am currently working on is related to my brand (new updated logos and much more…) Also can’t wait to spend two amazing weeks in Sicily in July, where I will of course take my camera with me and capture the DOLCE VITA.

Tanks for your time!

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