Best of August

Summer is almost over and I’m sad because we have had perfect weather here in the UK. This summer has been the hottest and driest with lots of sunshine. Thanks to climate change we slowly become a tropical island.

There was a bank holiday last weekend and I decided to visit the world’s most famous university city, Oxford.

I spent there two days with my friends which was enough to see most of the attractions, but if you want to visit all the museums, you need a lot more time, plus money, because they can be a bit over-priced. My friends are Italian so we spent most of the time finding good restaurants instead of learning the history of the city. The food was delicious everywhere, especially the Sunday Roast in one of the pubs in the city centre (The Crown) and we tried an all-you-can-eat restaurant too (Cosmo World Buffet), which was awesome. For the best dining experience visit the Japanese restaurant in the local shopping centre (Shoryu Ramen)!

Here are the photos I took at the end of August in Oxford:

I also did many graphic design projects this month. I took inspiration from my Sicilian holiday photographs and created a special colour palette. Then I used these colour swatches to create some fresh designs.

After this, I made some content for my Pinterest, including coffee shop branding ideas, funky designs and some GIFS.

I don’t want to say goodbye to Summer, but the next season will be just as exciting as this one. Autumn is all about colours and nature, can’t wait to see how the leaves turn to yellow, orange and red. Also, Halloween is a great opportunity to come up with some cool (creepy) design and illustration ideas. That’s it for now, thanks for reading! Ciao! xx

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